Sunday, September 03, 2006

throat of a flower

he pressed his velvet, carmine lips
delicately into her slumbering bosom
and his moist breath trickled
along her glistening, gliding chest wall

he wrapped his raw and trembling pride
in the mist of her gauzy scent
which rose sluggishly
from her slumbering bosom

tendrils of her breath stroked his tender scalp,
bleeding hunger into his very core
a hunger for her - sleeping Muse
with the throat of a flower

ABOUT THIS POEM inspired by a dream-fantasy of ardlair, who has left us in his dust. dearest ardlair, you needn't worry - its not a marriage proposal (got me one of them already y'know ... not really looking to trade in) ... just a poem.

the enchantment of lupa

image/artist: the enchantment, artist unknown

lupa sings a dark requiem:
a heavy, wailing melody
for her dying mortal self,
lupa chants, hauntingly -
stroking the harpischord of her spellbound spirit,
and her lyrical lament shatters
the tumbling hush of her forest lair;

shards of grief pierce lupa's throat,
squeezing all feminine grace
from her glistening pink flesh;
tendrils of mist that dance erratic'ly -
licking lupa's sinewy, velvet-skinned feet -
bathe in a shimmering stream
of the plump, ripe moon

silver splinters of moonlight
bleed profusely
into her delicate, porcelain flesh,
and barbed lustre gouges her lycanthic soul;
impaled, on a shaft of ripe moonlight:
mortal greed, lust and vanity;
infused, into the fabric of her spirit:
predation, hunger for a wild solitude,
and infinite, untamed purity

lupa howls with passionate grief
into the ears of an icy zephyr -
a weeping, wailing melody
wrapped in a torrent
of pearlesque moonlight;
shapes, shifting, in this dirge -
the enchantment of lupa

lupa sings a dark requiem
at the moment of her enchantment
her lyrical lament withers
into the gutteral, piteous cries
of a solitary wolf, perched
eternally on the torn husks
of her fall from mortality

ABOUT THIS POEM: inspired entiredly by the image. i tried to capture the moment of metamorphosis in this piece. not sure if i achieved it or not. possibly its too abstract?